Used Star Trac eSpinner Generation 2


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Product Specifications

Electrical Requirements: 9-7200-MUNBPO

Input VoltageNot Applicable
AmperageNot Applicable

Technical Specifications: 9-7200-MUNBPO

Dimensions41″ L by 21″ W by 40″ H
Weight207 Lbs.
User Weight Capacity350 Lbs.
Seat Adjustment Range25″ – 37″
Braking SystemPush brake system brings flywheel to a fast stop
ResistanceTension turn-knob, resistance pad on top of flywheel
CranksStrong, dependable performance
HandlebarPop-Pin handlebars slider adjusts up/down/fore/aft
Drive SystemDrive Chain
Flywheel41 lbs
SeatErgonomic, Pop-Pin seat slider adjusts up/down/fore/aft


If you’re looking for a stationary spinning bike that looks just as good as it performs—welcome to the Star Trac Espinner Generation 2. Featuring oval-shaped tubing, made from the strongest heavy-gauge steel, the bike has a very unique and aesthetically-pleasing design, making it look great in any commercial gym or home workout studio. The wide and comfortable saddle on the Espinner is made of rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum. And the wide space between the seat and the ergonomically-designed handlebars allows for easy access and disembarking. The seat has nearly two dozen fine-tuned adjustment settings—from 25 inches to 37 inches—to accommodate riders of all sizes. And the perfectly positioned handlebars, which can also be adjusted up and down, fore and aft, are designed to offer the most optimal riding position and posture. What’s more, the hand grips on the bike are made from the softest rubber, providing the rider with a sure grip that is also ultra comfortable.

The flexible seat on the Star Trac Espinner Generation 2 includes dual-density gel padding and a contoured cut-out design that promotes comfort and performance. The flywheel on the Espinner, which weighs in at 38 pounds, is completely shrouded to prevent accidental injury and oxidation. Atop this flywheel is where exercise enthusiasts will find the fine-tuned resistance knob, allowing riders to increase or decrease the intensity and difficulty of the workout on the fly, without experiencing any jumpiness or jerking. The bike includes non-slip, front retractable wheels, made of the strongest rubber, making it easy to move the bike from one spot to the next. And the dual water bottle holders enable riders to easily hydrate throughout the workout.

The Star Trac Espinner Generation 2 includes a 15 inch touch screen display console. From here, riders can partake in onboard spinning classes taught by some of the finest personal trainers, and charge their favorite Android and Apple devices.


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