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Product Specifications

Electrical Requirements: AMT100i

Input VoltageBattery
AmperageSelf Generated

Technical Specifications: AMT100i

Dimensions74″ L by 28″ W by 69″ H
Weight445 Lbs.
User Weight Capacity350 Lbs.
WorkoutsQuickStart, Manual, Interval, Fat Burner, Heart Rate Control
Resistance Levels20 (20-375 Watts)
Incline LevelsStationary/Fixed
Heart RateContact HR| Polar Compatible
Stride LengthAdapts to user’s natural movements from 0″ – 27″
Drive System3-phase generator system reduces friction & wear
ResistanceDual-plane horizontal & vertical resistance


The Precor AMT 100i is a multidimensional exercise machine that offers a full-body workout without putting undue stress on the knees and other major joints.  This is more than just your typical elliptical or stair stepper. The 100i is an Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)—a machine that precisely simulates the user’ natural gait and arm movements.  Even better, it accomplishes this feat while reducing—and in some cases, removing—the stressful force the body normally creates. The result is often an amazing cardio workout without the pain and joint soreness that often accompanies it.   With this low impact machine, users can effortlessly adjust their stride length from 0 to a whopping 27 inches on the fly.  These stride variations represent everything from a slow, measured walk to a loping long-distance running gait. Best of all, these changes in stride, pace and gait can be increased or decreased without having to push any additional buttons.The Precor AMT 100i has 5 workout programs from which to choose. These include QuickStart, Manual, Interval Training, Fat Burning Mode and Heart Rate Control.  Each of these targeted programs can be monitored on the state-of-the art display panel.  Here users can track everything from heart rate to the amount of calories burned.  What’s more, the Precor’s intuitive Stride Dial provides continuous data on how each type of stride and movement is affecting various muscle groups.  This allows users to target certain areas of the body within the workout mode they selected.  The Precor AMT 100i is powered by a 3-phase generator system that reduces friction and wear. Additionally, it offers both vertical and horizontal resistance to help users maximize every minute of their workout. The machine has relatively small dimensions given its amazing power and versatility, making it the perfect addition to any home gym or office.


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