Used Life Fitness Signature Cable Motion Cable Column


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Product Specifications

Machine Classification: CMCC

Item:Cable Column
Training Zone:Multi Zone

Technical Specifications: CMCC

Dimensions55″ L by 57″ W by 92″ H
Weight685 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity190 Lbs.
A low and consistent profile with contoured cushions
Unique incremental dial resistance weight system
Natural comfortable movement throughout the range of motion
Enhanced instructional placards
Full shrouds and pulley covers
Precision welded with internally lubricated cables; uncompromised durability
20 adjustment positions create a wide variety of exercises
Dual-roller mechanism provides smooth and easy adjustment


The Life Fitness Signature Series Cable Column has dual handles for plenty of training options with resistance ratios of 1:4 for each handle and 1:2 when used together, which allows less-experienced users to start with lower resistance. Cable Motion Technology employs user-defined paths of motion that allow for a nearly endless variety of strength training options that build balance, stability, and power.When you’re willing to put your signature on something, you’re doing more than just selling a product; you’re putting your good name on the line, and with the Life Fitness Signature Series of resistance equipment you see that expert level of craftsmanship that would merit an imprimatur. Highly visually appealing and extremely well-made, the Signature Series puts more than 20 years of industry insight into one comprehensive package. Oval-framed tubing, contoured cushions, and full shrouds with pulley covers make this an inviting line of equipment for all exercisers. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the Signature Series comes with highly functional features, such as incremental weight stacks that allow the user to simply turn a dial to achieve a more exact level of desired resistance. Life Fitness did not overlook comfort either, creating a smooth system of converging and diverging axes that accurately align with the user’s joint movement. You’ll never feel lost on the Signature Series machines: each piece of equipment comes with easily readable instructional placards that keep operational procedures simple and effective.

A Life Fitness Signature Cable Motion Cable Column is, and can best be described as follows: A Cable Column is a compact selectorized piece of commercial gym equipment consisting of a vertical frame with a weight stack and various handles that can be attached for performing a number of uni-lateral and bi-lateral exercises. The cables that connect the various handles to the weight stack on the cable column machine run through multi-adjustable vertical pulleys, allowing virtually every muscle of the body to be trained on a single machine in either linear or diagonal patterns.


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