Used Hammer Strength 8 foot Heavy Duty Half Rack


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Machine Classification: HDHR8

Item:Half Rack
Training Zone:Multi Zone


For more than 25 years, Hammer Strength equipment has been used by professional athletes who compete at the highest level, as well as the top college and high school athletic programs. Hammer Strength equipment is designed to move the way the body is supposed to. It is built to provide performance strength training that yields results. Hammer Strength isn’t exclusive, it’s meant for anyone willing to put in the work. Building on the legendary Hammer Strength tradition of equipment that makes a statement, the Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Rack products deliver what it takes to build champions – premium durability, outstanding functionality and ease of use. The Hammer Strength Heavy Duty 8 ‘ Half Rack offers a versatile performance strength training area that packs a lot into a relatively small space. Combine with other racks and accessories to create a workout area to fit your athletes.The reputation of Hammer Strength equipment has been built with steel, sweat and grit. Hammer Strength is the choice of professional athletes when they train at the highest levels, and it’s relied upon by the top college and high school athletic programs in the country. Hammer Strength is the No. 1 option for elite athletes because it can take the pounding they dish out, and, most importantly, it’s designed to provide results. It isn’t reserved just for professional training facilities or college weight rooms. Everyday athletes benefit from the excellent biomechanical design in the same way that the pros do. Hammer Strength isn’t exclusive. It can be used to reach the fitness goals of anyone willing to put in the hard work. Hammer Strength is committed to making innovative equipment for developing champions. Hammer Strength HD racks are found in the world’s top professional athletic training facilities. HD racks offer a wide range of options to fit the training needs of exercisers at any level.

A Hammer Strength 8 foot Heavy Duty Half Rack is, and can best be described as follows: A Half Rack is a free weight piece comprised of vertical posts with an open front configuration and two adjustable horizontal bar catches for racking an Olympic bar or barbell, that can also come with weight horns for plate storage, a pull-up/grip bar at the top, a spotter platform, and/or a removable bench. It allows the user to safely perform a number of weight training exercises such as Squats, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Deadlifts, etc., by acting as a spotter, and it is useful for safely performing limited range exercises.


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