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Product Specifications

Machine Classification: CY-FT360

Item:Functional Trainer
Training Zone:Multi Zone

Technical Specifications: CY-FT360

Dimensions54″ L by 54″ W by 86″ H
Weight600 Lbs.
Weight Stack Capacity300 Lbs.
Allows users to make adjustments in two planes of motion for ultimate user-definition
Perform functional movements with decreased momentum
Engineered for maximum results – take advantage of virtually unlimited training variations
Unique drive system provides either 41 and 2
The unilateral action with its 41 lifting ratio provides reduced inertia that is ideal for performance and fitness training with its exceptional high speed capabilities
In bilateral reciprocal movements, the drive system virtually eliminates the detrimental effects of inertia
Effective Resistance5lbs per plate per handle
Lifting RatioUnilaterally 4


The Cybex FT360 Functional Trainer is a versatile training device with a practically unlimited variety of training movements. It lets users work against resistance from every direction – just like everyday life. The ingenious drive system of the Cybex FT360 reflects the Cybex commitment to producing fitness training machines that get results. The low inertia weight stack allows for movement at functional speeds so users can train for a specific motion emulating real life activities and the unique training device allows hundreds of movements in less space than a dedicated single station selectorized machine. Used as a specialized training tool, the FT360 is a modality of choice for personal trainers, physical therapists, and professional athletes, and for everyday users, the Cybex functional trainer is the perfect machine to train for specific motions or performance goals.Advanced design for more effective functional training – the space efficient Cybex FT360 Functional Trainer is an advanced strength training tool, ideal for physical therapists, personal trainers, or anyone interested in performance and functional training. The FT360, with its 180 degree rotating pulleys, allows users to determine their own path of movement and make adjustments in two planes of motion, resulting in virtually unlimited training variation.

A Cybex FT360 Functional Trainer is, and can best be described as follows: Functional training is a classification of exercise that involves adapting and developing exercises to train the body for the activities performed in daily life. A Functional Trainer is a plate loaded or selectorized piece of fitness equipment that incorporates multiple cables that run through adjustable pulleys to allow for a greater degree of freedom in motion. The design of a functional trainer enables users to perform a wide range of torso, upper, and lower body exercises through the use of various handles and attachments. The user is typically standing and exercises involve multi-joint movements that assist with isolation and stabilization of certain muscle groups.


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