SportsArt V886 Verto Status Eco Natural Cross Trainer with LED Monitor

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SportsArt V886 Verto Status Eco Natural Cross Trainer with LED Monitor


Verso offers a truly customizable, approachable, and engaging cross-training experience. Elliptical, stepper, and bike movements combined in one machine with intuitive controls. Users are able to electronically adapt movement paths, allowing them to choose among a wide variety of range of motions that fit them best. The Watts to Grid goal allows them to set their workout intensity based on how much they want to give back to the planet.

  • 3-in-1 Cross Trainer
  • Switch from stepper, to cycle, to elliptical on-the-fly
  • Console and handle based controls for easy adjustments
  • Highly customizable stride height, length, crank arm, and resistance
  • Sleek console layout design for easy use
  • 3-speed fan

Additional information


161 lb / 280 kg


103 x 37 x 70 in / 262 x 94 x 178 cm


Levels 1–40

Stepper Stride Height

6–10 in / 15.24–25.4 cm

Cycle Crank Arm

8.5–14.5 in / 21.6–36.8 cm

Elliptical Stride Height

4.5-10 in / 11.4-25.4 cm

Elliptical Stride Length

15-31 in / 38.1-78.7 cm

Power Requirement

110v / 60 Hz | 220v / 50 Hz

User Weight

500 lb / 227 kg


Heart Rate, Your Watts To Grid, Target Watts To Grid, Time, Distance, Calories, Resistance, Stride Height, Stride Length, Human Watts, Stride/Min, Instant Watts To Grid

Workout Programs

Manual, Fitness Test, Interval, Weight Plateau, Loss, Random, Cardio, Custom Track, HR

Optional Features

SA WELL+™ Integration



Sell Sheet (English)

Weight 181437 kg

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